Personalized Financial Planning

  • Goal Setting

    NFO will work closely with you to gain an intimate understanding of your needs, desires, values and ambitions — and we'll help you prioritize them in order to strike the appropriate balance. It’s the first step to develop a financial plan tailored to you.

  • Discovery & Analysis

    Understanding your current situation is essential. We’ll gather all pertinent information and perform an in-depth analysis so we can both know exactly where you stand today… and start planning for where you’d like to be tomorrow.

  • Personalized Solutions

    Based on deep knowledge of your goals and values as well as your current financial situation, we’ll custom develop strategies for you — and explain each in detail, fully apprising you of the potential risks and rewards inherent in each, so you can make the smartest and most informed decisions possible.

  • Continuous Tracking

    We place high value on transparency and always keep you informed — with regular meetings, a global dashboard of your finances accessible via your pc or mobile device, making ourselves available to you anytime. We ourselves will be tracking your assets daily to keep you on course.

Strategic Investing

  • Prudent Asset Allocation

    Different types of investments perform differently under different conditions. We help you set the right balance to best perform under prevailing market trends, and best meet your unique situation values and goals.

  • Advanced Diversification

    Diversification and asset allocation are critical for managing risk vs. yield. We provide maximum possible assurance that your assets perform according to your financial goals and needs through state-of-the-art analytics, smart investment strategy, and creation of customized portfolios.

  • Life Timing

    The need for liquidity varies according to your stage of life and unique situation. We help you balance that need with your desire for long-term growth by creating a financial plan that will accommodate your needs today… and tomorrow.

  • Maximum Tax Minimization

    How you invest and structure your taxable and non-taxable accounts can have a significant effect on what you have to pay. We’ll work with you (and your CPA or tax attorney) to develop an investment plan that will minimize your tax burden to the greatest extent possible so that you can keep more of your investment returns

The NFO Comprehensive Wealth Management Platform

Keeping on top of all the information required to understand your financial situation can seem overwhelmingly complex. But our innovative, industry-leading platform makes it simple. It provides you with an easy-to-use, all-in-one dashboard that tracks all relevant information — from bank accounts and investment statements to receipts and tax returns —for total transparency.


Employing mobile, cloud and web technologies, it allows you to access up-to-the-minute reporting anytime you want it, anywhere you are. More, by aggregating all your data, it allows us to perform analytics across even complex holdings so that we can proactively identify opportunities to improve your financial performance.

Put our process to work for you.