We offer a comprehensive range of services to help you manage every aspect of your financial situation.

Financial Planning

  • Understand financial planning and make a financial plan.

  • Set a savings plan for your education goals.

  • Evaluate and prepare for starting or selling a business.

  • Gauge the investment-worthiness of rental properties.

  • Assess the affordability of a second home.

Cash Management

  • Determine if you’re spending too much or can spend more.

  • Figure how much to put into savings and where to put it.

  • Assess if you have enough saved.

  • Develop a prudent and sustainable spending plan.

Asset Management

  • Determine the right allocation now and in the future.

  • Choose the right diversification strategy and implement it.

  • Protect your portfolio from inflation.

  • Decide whether to invest actively or passively.

  • Determine whether to invest in ‘alternative’ asset classes.

Risk Management

  • Identify & implement strategies to best protect your family.

  • Choose the right life insurance for your needs.

  • Assess and/or lower your insurance costs.

  • Determine if umbrella coverage is right for you.

  • Decide if and when long-term care insurance is appropriate.

  • Select the right employee benefits.

Liability Management

  • Decide whether or not to refinance your mortgage.

  • Decide whether or not to pay off your loan.

  • Identify the best sources of financing.

  • Make a vehicle lease-or-buy decision.

  • Assess the importance of being debt-free at retirement.

Tax Planning

  • Coordinate with your CPA, or find a better one.

  • Determine when to exercise stock awards.

  • Decide whether to contribute to a Roth IRA or Roth 401(k) or do a Roth conversion.

  • Decide which accounts to draw from.

Retirement Income

  • Assess your savings and determine when you can retire.

  • Evaluate retirement scenarios and how long your money will last.

  • Decide when to take Social Security and how to maximize it.

  • Budget for health care.

  • Develop the optimal retirement Income distribution plan.

  • Prioritize assets for liquidation.

Estate Planning

  • Prepare your will and a plan for end of life.

  • Establish a living trust.

  • Set up charitable / philanthropic giving strategies.

  • Minimize estate taxes & efficiently pass wealth to your children / grandchildren.

  • Coordinate with your current estate attorney, or find a better one.

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